Website Design Gallery

  Total Management Recovery Services, LLC is a service provider to large or small companies that assists clients in turning their "Trash into Cash".

Kembean designs implemented a simple, yet business-like website including a picture slideshow. A unique logo was even developed, using the TMRS colors and specifications.

  Simplex Systems is an engineering and management consulting firm whose primary expertise is based on Lean Process Management for Manufacturing, Logistics, and Small/Medium Enterprises.

Kembean provided creative direction and designed a simple and elegantly professional website highlighting Simplex Systems’ core competencies.

  IMEK International is a trading and remittance company that asked Kembean to design their first website.

Kembean's design guide was instrumental in planning the structure of the website. Artistic creativity was then used to create a vibrant, yet businesslike, website with many graphics.

  Simons-White & Associates is a training and coaching company that provides customized business training programs in technical as well as leadership and management topics. Simons-White is internationally renowned for its Lean Six Sigma training at the Green and Black Belt levels.

Kembean took artistic responsibility for designing and implementing the Simons-White “Lean Six Sigma” web portal that presents potential clients with extensive information about the training programs. Kembean ensured seamless integration with the existing website, which was also re-vamped to enhance the site’s appeal.

  Elizabet’s is a hair salon located in Michigan. The salon specializes in braids and natural hair extension styles; producing a cutting-edge look for its clientele.

Kembean created a business image and website that showcased the salon’s talents through a gallery and portfolio of its hair styles. The completed site produced an increased flow of business to the salon through its balanced focus on client education and subtle marketing techniques.